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Lessons are about more than music

When you give yourself or your child the gift of music lessons, you’re doing more than introducing and building the skill of music in their (or your) lives. What are some the things that you are giving themselves (or you)?


You are giving a growth in emotion. There is music to make us happy, joyful, ecstatic, sad, broken, and many other words! Music connects us deeper to our emotions because when we make music, we get to bring that emotion out of the music and share with the listener.


You are giving a growth in empathy. Hand in hand with the emotional growth, as musicians, we put ourselves in the place of the composer, the arranger, or even the listener. As we do that, it brings about a growth in thinking about the place of others in the spectrum of making, creating and hearing music.


You are giving a growth in confidence. As students of all ages learn and develop musical skills, one of the things to see is a growth in confidence. When students believe that they can achieve a goal or grow a skill, it’s amazing to see their progress! And it can translate outside of music making!


You are giving a growth in physical skills. Music helps in brain development, whether it’s building hand-eye coordination through tracking the music and playing an instrument (even the voice is an instrument!) or whether it’s the physical skills of stretching an octave on the piano, or learning hand positions on the guitar, there is a lot of physical development that comes through making music.


You are giving a growth in mental development. Music is a language, and studies have shown that when you learn a language, there is a growth in mental development. It’s learning different terminologies and their definitions, learning about the stories behind composers and their compositions and much more!


You are giving a growth in community. Music is about community. Even if you learn an “individual” instrument like piano or guitar, typically you have an audience. And you are joining the greater community of people who call themselves musicians. And in joining the community at Harmanny Music Education, you’re joining a community of like-minded individuals and families who want to grow and build skills and knowledge.


There are so many more things that come from music lessons, such as self-worth, discipline, creativity, learning to do your best work, persistence and even more! If you click on this link, you can sign up to give yourself or your child these gifts and so many more! To find out more about Craig, click here. To see frequently asked questions about lessons, click here. To see when Craig has time available for lessons, click here.

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