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Welcome to Harmanny Music Education, where musicians of all ages learn to thrive!

As parents, we want our children to learn and grow. Music and music lessons specifically help them by helping them learn goal setting, discipline, commitment and help with physical and mental development. And, of course, it’s FUN!

In addition to piano lessons for children ages 3 to 18, Harmanny Music also provides lessons for adults! So if you want to improve your voice to better sing karaoke, take on piano to help you be a better guitar player, or be a professional musician, youโ€™re in the right place. 


Music is all around us, and learning more about music helps you to be a more informed listener of music, help you process through emotions, grow developmentally, or even stay mentally active as you age. 

Harmanny Music Education focuses in on helping these things happen in a fun, creative way, tailored to each student, giving them positive feedback and encouragement along the way as they learn music and the discipline that comes with making it!

Hi, my name is Craig, aka the mighty music motivator. Iโ€™m passionate about helping musicians uncover the joy of discovery for life long learners of music making. As a teacher, I tailor our lessons specifically to your goals and your needs. 

Harmanny Music Education offers private piano, voice, trumpet, beginning guitar and ukulele lessons for adults, homeschool students, school age students and preschool students in Spring, Texas, as well as online! Find out more at the lessons with Harmanny Music Education tab.

Fall lessons have started, but you can still join!

New student special!

New students: The monthly cost is $125 per month. That includes ALL books, resources and EVERYTHING!

Harmanny Music Education is located at:

5310 Nodaway Lane

Spring, Tx. 77379


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Harmanny Music Education

Harmanny Music Education

Harmanny Music Education helps you build relationships. Not only through making music and learning how to make music, but also in relationships with others through making music together and performing for your audience!

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