Harmanny Music Education

Welcome to Harmanny Music Education!

In music, harmony is multiple notes (or instruments) played together to make sounds. At Harmanny Music Education, the goal is to create harmony, not only in making beautiful music, but creating a community of musicians who encourage one another and help each other achieve their goals.

Harmanny Music Education offers:

In addition to piano lessons for ages 3 to adults, voice lessons for guys 11 through adults and trumpet lessons for 5th graders to adults, So if you want to improve your voice to better sing karaoke, take on piano to help you be a better guitar player, learn or better yourself on the trumpet, you’re in the right place. Lessons are available in the Spring/Klein/Tomball area of Houston, as well as online.



Music is all around us, and learning more about music helps you to be a more informed listener of music, help you process through emotions, grow developmentally, or even stay mentally active as you age.

Harmanny Music Education focuses in on helping these things happen in a fun, creative way, tailored to each student, giving them positive feedback and encouragement along the way as they learn music and the discipline that comes with making it! 


If you want to start lessons, 2nd semester lessons are being scheduled now!! Click on the button below to get connected with Craig and get you set up for a consultation to go over the policies and information regarding the studio, as well as making sure there is a good fit. Cost for this consultation is $25, but will be applied toward lessons if a fit is determined.


Harmanny Music Education is located at:

5310 Nodaway Lane

Spring, Tx. 77379