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About Craig Harmann

I’m Craig. Also known as “Mr. Craig”. I’ve has been a music educator since 2001. I’ve done pretty much everything relating to music over that time. I’ve taught in classroom settings, private music lessons, and church music as well. I’ve has shared my love of music with children as young as 1 through music and movement times to adults in their 80’s on the piano.


I play piano, organ, sings, plays trumpet and guitar. I’ve has taught private music lessons since 2002 and I love having the opportunity to teach and encourage awesomeness and bring out the joy of music for students of all ages.


My love of music started early in my life. My dad, a pastor, regularly played recordings of church music, classical music and country music. Weird and eclectic, yes, but it shaped my musical tastes early on. Then I discovered the radio and pop music. As a kid in the 80’s, I was transfixed. Also, I discovered MTV. Yes, my mom told me not to watch it, but with the TV in the basement and a mom who couldn’t hear well and the volume turned down and an ear really close to the speaker, I was in love. My first concert that was Johnny Cash at the county fair. Again, very eclectic.


I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5, started play trumpet in 5th grade, the organ in 7th grade and I’ve sung as long as I can remember. I’ve played all styles of music on the piano, played loudly (and not as loudly) on the trumpet for years, and continue to play loudly (and sometimes less loudly) on the organ. Singing, I’ve done it all. Madrigals, Broadway tunes, vocal jazz, classical, country, you name it.


Because of all of these fun and diverse musical experiences that I’ve had, I loves giving back and passing on that love of music to students. Since I’ve had all of these diverse musical experiences, I’m able to help you in whatever style you’re wanting to learn. And because I’m willing to try anything new (musically speaking) at least once, whatever you throw at me will be a fun challenge for all involved!


I’m married, have two musical daughters, Ella (who is 13, in musical theater and sings non-stop) and Emily (who is 10 and plays the guitar and dances), compose and arrange music, podcasts, writes, probably more of a sports nut than I should be, garden, do yard work, smoke and grill food and I love taking time to be outside in nature.


What I love to do most is tailor my teaching to your needs. So whether that’s rock, jazz, classical, worship, contemporary or whatever the case may be, I’m willing to help you achieve your goals. And in the process, I want to help build relationships to music and through music. I’m willing use whatever tools I need, whether that’s games, apps, worksheets, or anything else that will help you learn and be the best you can be!


Harmanny Music Education is located at:

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