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Things for families to do in Houston between Christmas and New Year’s 2021

The year is almost over! It’s almost Christmas! And the kids are going to be off of school, and you may be off of work, so what to do other than just sit around and watch movies and play with all of the new toys you got for Christmas? Well, here are a few ideas!

You can still look at Christmas lights! I posted a few different suggestions last week and the week before in my posts, so check those out!

There’s always NASA, the zoo, the children’s museum and other destinations to check out.

Since the weather looks beautiful to be outside, go to one of our area parks! For the Spring/Klein/Tomball area, check out this website to find some great places to explore, play and have a great time!

Of course, there is always the opportunity to slow down, hang out as a family, and watch movies together. I know that’s what my family and I are planning to do. One suggestion I’ll make (probably not for families with real little ones), but it was 20 years ago when The Lord of the Rings was released. You could take a day (or 3) and watch the trilogy! Or Star Wars, or Marvel movies!

Enjoy your break, have a Merry Christmas, and look for more information coming soon about the release of the Spring to It podcast on January 6th!

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