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Music Gives You Self Confidence!

There are so many things that I love about making music and teaching music. One of the biggest one that I love is that it makes you self confident. That self confidence works in the music rehearsal space, but it also works outside and in so many other aspects of life. When I was at the Texas Music Educators’ Conference in February, they had some awesome music advocacy videos and this one really stood out to me!

I love this video because it’s an adult looking back on how the work he did and the musical experiences he had in his younger days have impacted him and affected him in life. I’ve experienced this personally, and have seen it in so many students that I’ve worked with, no matter what their age.

The hardest part about self confidence when it comes to music is that for each student, there isn’t really a specific “trick” or tactic to make it happen. I can easily show a student a fingering passage on the piano, or work with vocal students on a vowel formation or breath support, but I can’t show them how to be self confident! It’s something that comes through time and experience.

With that time and experience, it takes encouragement. That’s how I’ve learned to function as a teacher. Not just focusing on the techniques and things necessary to make music, but also to give that encouragement and things that have helped me along my journey. The techniques and all are needed, but just as necessary is the encouragement. We’re always going to be our own worst critic, so having someone help us see the positive in what we’re doing and help us build on that is a huge help.

I’d love to help you learn and grow as a self confident musician. I’m scheduling summer lessons to start on June 1st, so I’d love to have you check out and get in touch with me to set up lessons!

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