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Goal Setting

In continuing to talk about the different things we gain from making music that translate into non-musical life, Craig talks today about goal setting. That’s essentially what we do when we learn a piece of music! Find out more in this episode!

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In this episode, Craig continues to talk about the different things that we get from learning music that translate into all other aspects of our life. Motivation is one major one of those. Whether it’s mom or dad encouraging a student to practice to a student finding “that” piece that becomes what consumes them, motivation is important and necessary, whether it’s internal or external. 

Check out Craig’s series “Music in 5 minutes (or less) with Mr. Craig” on YouTube.

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There are a whole lot of things that music lessons give you. Discipline is one of the biggest things you can learn from music. The discipline of practice, the discipline of learning, and much, much more! On this episode, Craig talks about the discipline he’s learned from taking music lessons, and how you can learn discipline too!

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Craig is talking about different skills that we get through making music that translate into other, non-musical, areas of life. Today it’s perseverance. The not giving up, not quitting. It’s an important skill to have in music and in life. 

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Why Should Adults Start Taking Music Lessons….or Continue?

Adult learners have been some of my most favorite students. Whether beginners, needing a refresher, or wanting to continue to learn, they are so much fun! If you’re an adult (or child) wanting to learn, I’d love to help!

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Getting Ready for Fall

My fall session of lessons doesn’t start until the week of September 13th. I thought I’d share a bit about my studio, and show you some pictures of how I’m getting ready!

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come in and wait while their child is having lessons. I’ve got seating available, right inside my front door!

This is my piano, the instrument I teach from. It was my grandmother’s piano, which my grandparents bought new in 1961. They gave it to me when I was in 4th grade. It’s been in my personal “adult” possession since 2006.

The cabinet on the right also was my grandmother’s! It’s right around 100 years old. It got very full of music, so I got the smaller cabinet to hold books that I’m using specifically for lessons.

If you’re taking online lessons, this is what it looks like on my end! I actually bought the keyboard in January of 2020, to use in composing and arranging music, but it came in VERY handy for online lessons! 🙂

I teach out of my home, and the space (the formal dining room of the house) was one of the things that really drew us to purchasing the house. If you’re interested in learning from me, either in person or online, fill out the I’m Interested form and I’ll be in touch!

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Performing is Scary

We all from time to time have gotten those butterflies in our stomach before having to speak in front of a group, or play music, or whatever the case is. That’s not the worst feeling to have. It says that we care, we want to do our best, and our body is reacting.

As I tell students regularly, I have NEVER seen anyone stand up in the middle of a performance and yell out “You made a mistake!!” Or, come up to the performer or group after the fact (unless it’s their job as a judge) to point out every flaw in the performance. It just doesn’t happen.

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to play the organ in the largest physical sanctuary I had ever played in. Now, I’ve been playing the organ for almost 28 years, and I’ve played in a lot of churches, and on a lot of different organs. I’ve gotten past those nerves and butterflies….until they showed up this past Sunday! Why? Well, it was because the organist that I was filling in for is excellent, and those are big shoes to fill, along with it being such a physically large space. I made PLENTY of mistakes. But, I had so many people throughout the week not only thank me for playing, they told me that I did an excellent job. So much so, they did not realize that their organist was gone. Wow!

That’s the thing with performing and being in front of people. Whether it’s music or not, we will more than likely have times where we are having to present in front of some form of group. And it’s one of the great things that you get out of learning and making music. You will at some point be performing for a group of people. And making music is such a personal and connective thing, it helps to prepare you for those times down the road when you’re making a presentation for work, or wherever you are.

So yes, performing can be scary. There’s no doubt about it. But, the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become. Try it. Again and again. It will help!

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It’s Too Hard!

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “It’s too hard” over something and then, when you actually do it…’s not that bad? Well, Craig talks about that in this episode of the Harmanny Music Education podcast. 

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Challenging Yourself

Challenging yourself is HARD. But, when you push past those times you may want to quit and continue to make slow and steady progress, you will look back and find that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was. That progress may feel small as you’re going, but keep moving forward!

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