Summer Lessons

Summer lessons will begin the week of June 5th and run through the week of July 24th.  Fall lessons will begin the week of August 7th.


Individual Lessons

Individual lessons will be offered on Monday through Thursday afternoons. Individual lessons are one on one for 30 or 45 minutes each week and will have individual focus on playing, music theory and games. You have the option of 6 or 4 weeks (the first two weeks of July will be no lessons) Click here to see the calendar and here to see the summer policies. The cost for lessons depends on whether you do 4 or 6 weeks and if you do 30 or 45 minute lessons. That is all laid out in the policy page. 


Find out the days and times currently available by going to the Summer Schedule page.

To sign up, click here.





To have Craig contact you, click here! Or text (210)-527-7955

All costs include books and resources!