Independent Study

Starting in August of 2023, Harmanny Music Education will be offering an “independent study” option. What does that mean? Well, you would still be a student of Harmanny Music Education, but you would learn at your own speed. Videos and resources would be assigned to you, but it is on you to practice, send videos of your playing for feedback, and to see how you progress. You will not receive an individual, one on one lesson, but you will receive the same information and attention that private one on one students receive.


Students would create an account in Muzie, a part of the cost of lessons. They would either have books delivered to them, or receive them digitally via PDF. Using Muzie, the lesson experience would happen at the speed of the students.


This option is available for piano and voice students of all levels. The cost will be $105 per month and if you are a local student and would like to participate in the in-person recital each semester, the cost would be $115 per month.


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