Online Lessons

Why should you consider online lessons? If you don’t live in the Spring/Klein/Tomball area of Houston…or if you do and you don’t want to come to the studio location, you can take online lessons. Online lesson technology and teaching methods have come a long way. Harmanny Music Education offers fun, creative and individualized learning online. 


How does it work? Just like in person lessons, we’d select a time for your lessons. This would be your weekly time for your lesson. You log into and we’ll have our lesson that way. You’ll have a login, put it in, and away we go! It’s a little bit different than in person lessons, but it works! You can find out about Muzie here


The other alternative is to go at a self-paced option. How does this work? You’d receive materials for lessons, receive video explanations and tutorials, and then as you practice and work on the piece, send Craig videos of you playing for feedback. This way, you get to work at your own speed, as many apps allow you to do, but you get feedback and assistance on your musicianship, as well as technique helps to make sure that you are using proper technique. 


The best part about online lessons is that you get one on one encouragement, advice, guidance and not have to leave your house! To have Craig contact you, click here or go the the sign up page if you’re ready to dive in!

Requirements for online lessons: A laptop works best, but a tablet or phone will work in a pinch. Muzie works best with Chrome as your browser. At the agreed upon time, make sure that all books and resources are ready. Make sure that if you’re playing the piano/keyboard, your hands are visible to the camera and we will begin. You don’t need to have an extra microphone or webcam, but if you want to use one, that is fine as well. Headphones definitely are a big help to tune out other sounds, and to reduce any delay in sound. 


To contact Craig, click here.