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What is the most famous Mexican song?

Happy Cinco de Mayo! May the 5th is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, where the Mexican army defeated the French in 1862. It is probably celebrated more here in the United States than in Mexico, but it got me thinking about the question I posed in the title of this post. What is the most famous Mexican song?


I’m not as familiar with the music of Mexico, as I am with other countries, so I started doing some research. I found songs like “La Bamba”, “La Cucaracha”, “Oye Como Va” and “Besame Mucho” as the most famous ones. You can check them out below.





Other more recent Mexican musicians would include Gloria Trevi, Luis Miguel and Selena, among others.




Do you have a favorite Mexican song? Share it in the comments!


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Harmony versus Harmanny

I use the name Harmanny Music Education for my business because….it’s a play on my last name, Harmann. For years, growing up, I’d have people spell my last name Harmon, or ask if I was related to Mark (I WISH!!). But no, it’s Harmann.

However, a few years ago, in a spark of random creativeness, I realized that it would be a perfect business name! Harmony in music is defined as the process by which individual sounds are joined together or composed into whole units or compositions. And as I pondered that definition and try to take into account what I do as a music educator, that’s the perfect definition.

You see, as musicians, we all are individuals. And there is power and beauty in the uniqueness of individual musicians. But when musicians work together, whether that’s in a band, an orchestra, a choir, or in smaller ensembles, there’s a combined power and beauty on display that is difficult to explain. Just like in music, one note at a time can create a beautiful melody, when there is harmony and rhythm added to those notes, something magical takes over.

At Harmanny Music Education, opportunities exist to grow as individual musicians, but I’m on the lookout to find ways for collaboration for students. The skills learned in making music go a long way outside of music to help create well rounded individuals who are empathetic, insightful and who work well in teams.

I am currently scheduling summer lessons starting in June for in-person lessons here in the Spring/Klein area of Houston, but also for online students outside of the Houston area. To find out more, click here. I’d love to help bring the joy and beauty of music to your house this summer or this fall.