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Take Your Son Or Daughter to Work Day!

Did you know that today is national take our daughters and sons to work day today? I didn’t, until I found it on a calendar for today. This is fun for me because in teaching from my home studio, my daughters get to see and hear what I do regularly.


Being a musician, my daughters have always been around music and what I’ve done as a musician, whether that’s as a church music director, at the piano, guitar or singing. They’ve been able to be around while I’m practicing, participating in children’s choirs I led, and much, much more!


They’ve both taken piano lessons. I learned the lesson early on with my oldest that while, yes, I am a good teacher, she wouldn’t listen to me. She thought it was always “fun time with daddy”. To be fair, she was 4! But other people have taught them. My youngest has taken guitar and drum lessons as well. Both sing in choir and both sing pretty much all the time at home!


Being an entrepreneur and working from home, my girls are regularly trying to help come up with advertising ideas and help out in whatever way they can. I appreciate that with all of my heart!


So while today is set aside as a day to take your son or daughter to work, I get the blessing and privilege of regularly having my daughters around, and it’s something that I’m so thankful for! It truly has been a joy to not only share with them my work, but also share the joy of music with them and watch their musical talent grow and develop as well!


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