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Musical Voices


I love this quote because all composers and musicians have their own unique musical voices. It depends on their outlook on life, their experiences, and their connection to music. I find it interesting, as my studio is looking at Beethoven this month. Beethoven did not have it easy in life. His father was mean, drunk and abusive. Beethoven started performing at age 5, and if performances didn’t go well, he may not have eaten for a day following it. That makes someone’s psyche very, very different than someone from a loving, caring household.


As you listen to music by any musician, you get an insight into them and their life. What was their upbringing like? What is their relationship with music like? If you listen closely, you can pick these things up.


What do you think of this quote? Do you agree? What composers do you see this in? Comment with your thoughts.

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