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Check out Miles!

Miles has been watching his big brother Luke take lessons from me for a few years now. Today was his first lesson! He was super excited and already was very knowledgeable about the piano! I’m guessing Luke taught him well already!

One of the fun games I love to play with students is to guess how many black and white keys are on the piano. I told Luke he couldn’t tell. It took Miles a little bit of guessing, but he got to the right answer! It’s 88 black and white keys on a full sized piano!

Miles learned a bit about the music alphabet, which is different than the regular alphabet (only A-G), but…..the music alphabet goes backward! Ever try saying the full alphabet backward from Z? That’s a fun challenge! He also got to learn about quarter notes, half notes and whole notes. Quarter notes are one count (short) notes, half notes are two count (longer) notes and whole notes are four count (really long) notes. Miles learned where middle C is, and then played a song! I asked him before he played whether or not he thought the song was easy or hard and he said easy. Still thought it was easy after he played it the first time!

I love starting new students on lessons. Their excitement and enthusiasm cannot be topped! I do still have a few times available in the afternoons, and lots of times during the day for homeschool students and their families. You can find more about my schedule, lesson policies and calendar here.

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