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Student Highlight–Emily H

As we wind down our spring semester, Harmanny Music Education is taking the time to highlight students in the studio.


Today’s student is one who I know quite well, as she is my daughter! Emily and I have been working on her voice since the fall. She’s working hard to learn and better her voice, and she’s gotten more control and strength in her voice as she continues to work on it!


Emily is in 4th grade. Her favorite subject in school is math. Her favorite songs are “Dance Monkey” and “God is On the Move”. Her hobbies are singing and playing with dolls. Emily’s favorite thing about voice lessons is that “I get to do it with my dad.” What Emily enjoys most about music is “If I’m having a hard day, it makes me feel better.”


You can join Emily in strengthening and building up your voice, learning the piano, trumpet, beginning on the guitar or playing the ukulele! Or, if you’re looking for summer activities, Harmanny Music Education is offering an online as well as in person camp in June. You can find out about both here.

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