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Student Highlight– Derek M.

Harmanny Music Education has so many amazing students, and as we wind down our semester, it’s time to highlight them.


Today’s student highlight is Derek M. Derek has been taking guitar lessons since January and regularly putting in practice to get first place consistently on Tonara, the app used to track practice. All of that practice has led to growth as a musician. Derek is excited about music, and it shows in everything he does.


Derek is in 3rd grade. His favorite subject in school is math. Derek’s favorite song is “Legends Never Die”. His hobbies are video games, watching TV and soccer. Derek’s favorite thing about lessons is “learning songs”. What he enjoys most about music is “every time someone is bored, they have something to listen to.”


You can join Derek in taking summer lessons on piano, voice, trumpet, beginning guitar and ukulele. You can also join in the ukulele camp the week of June 27th. You can find out more about either here.

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