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Student Highlight– Olivia R.

As we wind down our Spring semester, Harmanny Music Education is overjoyed to highlight some of the awesome students in the studio.


Today’s student to be highlighted is Olivia R. She clearly loves music, is always smiling, and for our recital this past weekend, took on a huge challenge to play Surface Pressure and she did amazing!


Olivia is in 3rd grade. Her favorite subject in school is music. The reason she wanted to play “Surface Pressure” for the recital is because it is her favorite song! Her hobbies are soccer and piano. Olivia’s favorite thing about lessons are “learning how to play music I want to play”.


The interesting part for Olivia is that after playing a challenging piece full of rhythm like “Surface Pressure”, when we went back to her method book, the music we looked at was so much easier for her! We looked at what happens when you challenge yourself to get just a little out of your comfort zone. After you complete that challenge, other things seem so much easier. I’m really excited to see where Olivia continues to go in her musical journey!


You can join Olivia and other students this summer by joining the studio for summer lessons.  Also, a ukulele camp to be held the week of June 27th. More information is available here.

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