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Student Highlight–Dominic B.

Harmanny Music Education has many amazing and outstanding students. As we’re winding down our semester, it is fun to highlight just a bit about each student!


Dominic is currently my youngest student, but he is all personality and enthusiasm! He is sophisticated and wise beyond his years! It is what makes teaching him so much fun, because I never know what insight or saying he’ll have at each lesson!


Dominic is in Kindergarten. His favorite class in school is music. Dominic’s favorite song is “Too Late” by Cash Cash. His hobbies are swimming, everything airplanes, history and military. Dominic’s favorite thing about lessons is “when I learn a new song”. What Dominic enjoys most about music is that “music makes me happy”.


It really has been a lot of fun to get to know Dominic and help him learn and grow as a musician. He started lessons in January and it’s been fantastic to see his progress over the last 5 months!


You can join Dominic in being made happy by music. Summer lessons are available or June and July. You can find out more here. Lessons are available in person or online!

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