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Student Highlight– Elliot M

As we wind down our 2nd semester of lessons, Harmanny Music Education is taking time to highlight students and how unique and amazing they are! Today’s student is Elliot M.


Elliot M has been taking lessons with me since last June. He is such a blast to teach! He’s got a positive attitude, is excited about music, and usually has something quite philosophical to say at each lesson in regard to the song he’s playing, or something related to music! There’s never a dull moment, and it’s so much fun!


Elliot is in 3rd grade. His favorite subject in school is Science. His favorite songs are “Good Tonight” from the Bad Guys movie and “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. Elliot’s hobbies are legos, reading, rock collecting and playing piano. His favorite thing about music lessons is that he learns something new every day (something the teacher can say as well!). The thing that Elliot enjoys most about music is that “there is music to match every mood”.


Elliot is definitely right on that. Music definitely can match our moods. And when you learn music, you can become more understanding of different moods and more empathetic. There is still spaces available for summer lessons, if you or someone you know is looking for piano, voice, trumpet, beginning guitar lessons. Or, if you’re wanting something a little more focused and intense, Harmanny Music Education is offering a ukulele camp for students who have finished 1st-5th grade. The camp will be the week of June 27th from 9:30-11:30 AM. You can find out more about both summer lessons and camp here.

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