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Music and fitness?

I’m at an event today put on by a local gym (owned by the parents of one of my students). Now on first glance, that seems a little weird, right? What does taking music lessons and making music have to do with being fit? It’s not going to give you washboard abs, is it? Probably not. But, there are some fitness benefits on the mental and emotional side of things that are huge and essential….and even some physical benefits! So here’s what I’ve put together that I’m going to be sharing with people who stop by today!


Better your hand/eye coordination

Hand/eye coordination can be built through sports, but being a musician definitely helps to build hand/eye coordination by following the music and using your hands to play on the instrument.


Strengthen your non-dominant hand

Instruments like piano, guitar, drums, violin, viola, cello and bass use both hands. More specifically, place an emphasis on using both hands equally, developing the non-dominant hand, as well as strengthening the dominant hand. 


Bettering your breathing

Wind instruments, like singing, playing trumpet, flute, saxophone, clarinet and others, require air to make sound. We all breathe naturally, but we don’t always get full and deep breaths. Playing these instruments requires focus on breath support and that can translate outside of music!


Uses both sides of your brain at the same time

Normally, we only use one side of our brain at a time. Music is a great workout for the brain, as it exercises both sides of the brain at the same time.


Can improve your memory

Studies have shown that making music does wonders for the brain, specifically in strengthening and bettering your memory. Music is a language, and learning a language works wonders for the brain and memory.


Makes your brain more flexible and adaptable

Along with using both sides of your brain, strengthening your memory, music helps the neuroplasticity of your brain. Neuroplasticity is about how your brain adapts and grows throughout your life. Music brings that flexibility and adaptability to your brain.


Lowers anxiety

Making music is a great stress reliever! Whether that’s banging loudly on a piano, or having fun playing your favorite song, when you’re anxious or stressed out, making music has been proven to lower your stress and anxiety levels.



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