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Why I Teach

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about what makes lessons with me different. That was one of the questions I wrestled with. One of the other questions was, why do I teach? For this question, the answer doesn’t take much time to develop a response. I can’t not teach. It’s not only what I’ve trained to do, it’s what I do well at.


Yes, I did go to college to be a high school choir director, which I’ve done for a few spots here and there. One thing that I’ve realized in that is that while I love to teach, I am much better off working in a one on one or smaller group setting. This doesn’t help in a choir room, but in personal lessons, it works great. So I take that knowledge and understanding and translate it to individual lessons.


One of the comments I hear repeatedly from parents is how patient I am. I’m not patient by nature, by any stretch! But I had teachers who were patient with me, and through my years of experience with music, I’ve learned that it is one of the toughest things you can do in life. And if you’re working on something tough, something you’ve never done before, a little patience and grace has to be given. That patience and persistence for the student does pay off!


I want all of my students to excel and succeed. For each of them, because they’re individuals, they’ll succeed on their own level, at their own space. And I love the challenge of helping them figure out and find success, no matter what their level. That’s why I teach. I teach because it’s who I am!


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