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What makes Harmanny Music Education different?

I have been wrestling with this question as I keep reading business and marketing books that encourage business owners and businesses to figure out what is that makes them unique or different. So I asked questions:


Is it because I have 20 years of experience in teaching music? Is it because I have a degree in music education?

Many teachers have years of experience, as well as degrees in music education


Is it because I am passionate about music and teaching music to my students?

Music teachers don’t become teachers unless they’re passionate about music and teaching


Is it because I’m a male?

While, yes, the majority of music teachers are female, there are male teachers out there.


Is it because I’m a parent?

Many teachers have kids currently in the house or have raised kids.


Is it because I offer a variety of lesson options?

While many teachers do just focus on one specific instrument, there are teachers that offer lessons in multiple instruments.


Is it because I allow my students to have input in what they play?

Many teachers do focus solely on a methodology and allow their students a small amount of input, but some teachers do let their students give feedback and input on their lessons.


So, if it’s not this, or integrating technology in lessons, or using a fun software to help students their practice, WHAT MAKES HARMANNY MUSIC EDUCATION DIFFERENT????


And then it dawned on me. It’s in the name. While yes, you get music education, you get it from me. Craig Harmann. This isn’t a “School of Rock” or “Music & Arts” or any other studio where there may be multiple teachers. It’s me. I’m it. I’m the person you interact with all the way through. I’ve played the piano for 39 years, played the trumpet for 33 years, and played the organ for 30 years. I’ve hated practice but loved playing. I’ve fought and argued with my parents about practicing and taking lessons. I’ve learned strategies to help me simplify music and make it the best way possible. My focus for my students is to have a positive interaction with music and help them grow not only as musicians, but as people. Having a background in church music ministry for 18 years, I view what I do as a ministry to students and their families. I pray for them regularly. I want to develop relationships with my students and their families that last for years and years, and becomes something so much greater than music. THAT is what makes Harmanny Music Education different.


If you want to find out more about Harmanny Music Education’s summer offerings, click here. If you find out more about me, you can do it here

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