Why Muzie?


  • Muzie.Live is what I use to replace Zoom and other video conferencing platforms for my studio. It has a seemingly endless list of tools that are designed specifically for music education and their user support is unbeatable. 

  • I am able to offer a new hybrid learning system that helps students organize and motivate themselves in practice in a fun and efficient way.


  • We use Muzie’s high-fidelity lesson rooms to host online, in-person, and hybrid lessons. The lesson quality is greater than other video-conferencing platforms. Also a full suite of music-focused tools are right at our fingertips.

  • The lesson room allows me to teach my online lessons in a high-fidelity environment with their whole toolset available to me and my students. 


  • Using Muzie.Live has completely changed the way I teach virtually. I can interact seamlessly with the two-way whiteboard, easily create assignments for my students, and have total control over my virtual classroom.


  • Muzie.Live has completely changed the way I teach music online and in person. It has allowed me to cut down on administrative tasks by keeping all of my content and curriculum in one place with a huge suite of music-focused tools                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • With online assignments, lesson recordings, video support library, live practice sessions and much more, students are never short of inspiration to play and improve their playing. 


  • I offer an ongoing support chat so my students don’t have to “struggle on” to the next lesson if they hit a problem with their playing. 


  • I use Muzie.Live to handle any and everything related to my online lessons. I can manage and award my students for their practice efforts, chat directly with them at any time, and even create custom assignments for homework and general practice. 


  • Muzie.Live is the hub for all of my curriculum and lesson hosting. It has tools that are made specifically for music education and the developers themselves are music teachers which means they understand the issues I face when teaching hybrid or virtual lessons.


  • I currently use Muzie.Live for all of my virtual and hybrid lessons. This platform enables me to teach virtually in a high-fidelity classroom and combines that with an expansive set of music education tools like a fully annotated whiteboard, assignment creator, student practice tracking, and more.