Harmanny Music Education offers a variety of lessons and ways for you to learn about music and build relationships. From piano to voice, guitar, trumpet, music theory and learning how to write songs! If you’re in the northwest Houston (Spring/Klein) area, you can have individual or group lessons. If you’re anywhere outside of that area, you can have online lessons via Zoom!

Learning about music helps you build relationships to the music you play, because you’ll learn about the music, and play music that you like. Learning about music will help you build relationships with others, whether that is to Craig, your instructor, or other musicians, or your audience as you share the music you’ve learned.

Craig uses a resource called Tonara that you will log into for information about lessons, updates on schedules and check-ins throughout the week. In Tonara, you can find what to practice for the week, goals for practice times are given, and recordings are shared for you to listen to and play along with. And, you can earn points for how long you practice when you practice with Tonara open! This isn’t an extra cost, just part of what you get with Harmanny Music Education

To see Craig’s schedule for summer lessons, click here

To have Craig contact you, click here or go the the sign up page if you’re ready to dive in!

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