Guitar/Ukulele Lessons

Acoustic Guitar

It’s pretty tough to take a piano with you out to a campfire. But an acoustic guitar…no problem! Harmanny Music Education is here to help you learn the guitar so that you can play in worship settings, at campfires or wherever you go.

While acoustic guitar can be pretty simple to pick up, it is a musical instrument, and the method that Craig uses helps you to play musically, not just where to put your fingers, but to help you be the best musician you can be! To have Craig contact you, click here or go the the sign up page if you’re ready to dive in!

Electric Guitar

Who doesn’t want to be melting peoples’ faces off with amazing guitar licks and making awesome sounds shredding on their guitar? Harmanny Music Education can start you on that path through electric guitar lessons. You’ll learn lead and rhythm guitar, making you a swiss army knife for any band you’re in.

Craig uses The Best Guitar Method to help teach students. It’s a great resource!


If you’re wanting to learn a stringed instrument, but the guitar seems a bit big or complex, the ukulele is smaller and only 4 strings! It’s a great introduction to playing or a wonderful instrument on its own!

To contact Craig, click here.