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Student Highlight: Blake K

In getting ready for our recital on Saturday, as well as winding the year down, Harmanny Music Education is giving a highlight to students!


Blake has been taking piano lessons for 3 years. He is diligent about practicing, always willing to try new things, and has grown as a musician and a person because of piano lessons. It’s been so much fun to see!


Blake is in 4th grade. His favorite subject in school is science. His favorite song is “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. His hobby is building legos. His favorite thing about lessons is learning new music. The thing that he enjoys most about music is that it makes him happy.


Music does so many amazing things for each individual that learns it. Yes, it challenges and pushes them, but it is also fun and enjoyable. I’ve seen all of this happen for Blake as he has diligently worked to learn music.


You can be like Blake and all of my other students who are enjoying the challenge and fun of learning music, by joining us this summer for summer lessons or ukulele camp. You can find out more here. Check out another highlight of a student tomorrow!


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