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Getting Ready for Fall

My fall session of lessons doesn’t start until the week of September 13th. I thought I’d share a bit about my studio, and show you some pictures of how I’m getting ready!

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come in and wait while their child is having lessons. I’ve got seating available, right inside my front door!

This is my piano, the instrument I teach from. It was my grandmother’s piano, which my grandparents bought new in 1961. They gave it to me when I was in 4th grade. It’s been in my personal “adult” possession since 2006.

The cabinet on the right also was my grandmother’s! It’s right around 100 years old. It got very full of music, so I got the smaller cabinet to hold books that I’m using specifically for lessons.

If you’re taking online lessons, this is what it looks like on my end! I actually bought the keyboard in January of 2020, to use in composing and arranging music, but it came in VERY handy for online lessons! 🙂

I teach out of my home, and the space (the formal dining room of the house) was one of the things that really drew us to purchasing the house. If you’re interested in learning from me, either in person or online, fill out the I’m Interested form and I’ll be in touch!

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